Bodhi Linux 7.0 Beta is Now Available for Testing – OMG! Ubuntu!

A beta build of the upcoming Bodhi Linux 7.0 release is available to download.

For those unfamiliar with it, Bodhi Linux is a lightweight Linux distro based on Ubuntu long-term support releases. It uses an Enlightenment-based desktop and Moksha window manager by default. The distro is notable for its resource efficiency and modularity, both enable it to run well on low-end hardware.

Bodhi Linux 7.0 is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. This foundation means users get access to better hardware support, security and performance improvements, and a repo stocked to the rafters with newer versions of apps, tools, and software.

Bodhi Linux 7.0.0 Beta desktop screenshot

As this post is about a beta build the usual caveats, i.e. it’s being finished, has rough edges, expect bugs, etc apply. Basically, don’t download the Bodhi Linux 7.0 beta and use it as your primary OS without expecting some hiccups along the way.

So what’s new in Bodhi Linux 7.0 specifically?

There’s a new Plymouth boot screen, and a new login screen theme — both add some visual tadah-iness to the release. The distro now uses a new ‘MokshaGreen’ theme and icon set by default, which gives the distro a darker feel throughout.

The new keybindings viewer super + F1

Moksha 0.4.0 features a raft of improvements, including refactored modules, a new keybindings viewer, window snapping options, and more. Module tweaks include the battery module relaying charging status better; the clock module adding date/time settings; and the shot module adding “copy to clipboard”.

On the applications front the release ships with a non-Snap build of Chromium as the default web browser (a web browser manager app is included which makes it easy to install other web browsers); the Terminology terminal client; and file management is provided by the Thunar 4.16 release.

Bodhi Linux 7.0 uses the Thunar file manager

Finally, there are three kernel versions available: the base ISO offers Linux kernel 5.15 LTS as shipped in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS last April. There’s an HWE ISO with the more recent Linux kernel 5.19 from Ubuntu 22.10. And a S76 ISO that pulls in the Linux kernel 6.2 version used in System76’s Pop!_OS.

You’ll find more details on this beta release in the relevant Bodhi Linux forum thread, while Bodhi Linux 7.0 beta downloads can be found on the Bodhi Linux Sourceforge page.

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